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Guangdong AIHANG Environmental Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the core area of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area - Nantou Town, Zhongshan City, is a master of the world's leading air purification technology, specializing in air purification technology research and development, design and manufacturing, providing a full range of indoor air pollution purification technology solutions for innovative national high-tech enterprises. As the industry's high-speed growth of a full range of indoor air pollution purification technology solutions supplier and leader. Aihang people in line with the "knowledge and action -, innovation and far" spirit of enterprise. Based on the exploration and practice in the field of air purification, the space air filtration technology is promoted and applied to the field of industrial and civil air purification.

Aihang people is committed to becoming the world's leading high-end air filtration brand. The company's international business philosophy runs through the whole process of product design, research and development, manufacturing, quality control and so on. While emphasizing the application of modern production management technology, Aihang people have flexible manufacturing and personalized customization capabilities, and continue to carry out management changes, constantly upgrade the management information technology platform, and achieve efficient customization process. The product field has covered the core products of the filtration industry such as air clean materials, air particulate matter filtration and purification, air odor/toxic and harmful VOC gas filtration and purification, air antibacterial, anti-virus and anti-allergy, forming the filter element of household appliances, automobiles, electronics, medicine and other production fields as the leading, customized purification technology solutions and supporting value-added services as the auxiliary.

Looking forward to the future, Aihang people adhere to the core values of "respecting heaven and loving people, combining knowledge and action", and take "all for the sake of customers" as their responsibility, together with partners, to provide high-quality, safe and reliable comprehensive indoor air pollution purification technology solutions, and strive to promote the scientific and technological progress of the global health industry.

Our outstanding Advantages


Professional supply of air filters


Filter material resistance, filtration efficiency, and breathability


which can test the resistance and filtration efficiency of the filter to ensure the stable performance of the filter produced.


Aihang has a performance test laboratory for air purifier


Aihang has a physical and chemical testing laboratory to systematically analyze various types of odors, carcinogenic gases and gaseous pollutants in the air.


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